In Need of a Wife is a Harlequin Presents Plus book published in 1994. I became quite interested in this book when I saw the author’s bio, which says, “Emma Darcy nearly became an actress until her fiance declared her preferred to attend the theater with her.” Uh, okay?

The Blurb

A kiss is just a kiss . . .

When the sexy stranger informed Sasha that he was in need of a wife, she was tempted to tell him she was available. Something about him told her he was husband material. …

First, I want to say that I hate this book.

It is a Harlequin Petite (#2) and was published in 1981.

The Blurb

Could their new love compete with the old?

After lonely years of raising her daughter, Caro was free to begin a new life. Her quest for change led her to Switzerland — and to tentative bliss in marriage to the handsome Dr. Lucien Andreas.

Her happiness was threatened, however, by constant reminders of Lucien’s first wife, Barbara. He’d cherished her and been shattered by her death.

Caro’s love for Lucien had barely begun to flourish. …

This book is labeled THE BEST OF BETTY NEELS so I had high expectations going in. So, we’re going to compare this one to the last (and only) Betty Neels book I read, Romantic Encounter.

The Awakened Heart is a Harlequin novel published in 1993. Betty Neels appears to be a prolific romance writer, and from what I can tell she writes a lot about nurses marrying doctors. Her books seem to follow a pattern.

Anyway, here’s the blurb.

“Shouldn’t there be love, as well?”

Devastated by a love affair that had gone wrong, Sophie was determined to avoid any more heartache. Then one…

Next up is Goodbye Forever by Sandra Field. What a dramatic title! And look at that picture from a scene that I don’t remember from the book. I actually really like this image.

This book was published in 1989 and is #1280 from Harlequin Presents.

The Blurb

They were both running away.

Roslin was trying to escape from a life that had suddenly turned sour. Tyson had a past that made him scared to trust in the future.

A chance meeting brought them together and their paths seemed fated to cross.

Was the spark between them just a passing attraction, and she…

The next book in the lineup is Romantic Encounter by Betty Neels. Which is not aptly titled considering that there really isn’t any encounter in this book that I would call especially romantic.

The cover doesn’t do much for me, honestly. It’s fine. The colors are nice. But I don’t know much about these characters yet.

Romantic Encounter is the first book I’ve read by Betty Neels. It is Harlequin Romance #3249 and was published in 1993.

Here’s the blurb:

When the vicar’s daughter met the surgeon . . .

Florence Napier thought Alexander Fitzgibbon a cold, humorless man. The…

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Aestheticism and Decadence

This fall I’m taking a course in aestheticism and decadence, so I did a little preliminary reading. I’m so excited for this class and all the reading that goes with it.

Silent Town Criers

This year, the Loyal Company of Town Criers held its competition in silence. Town criers were judged based on their writing, which is quite a twist. I

Here’s a video of a competition from a few years ago:


This piece, which begins with a punch in the face, is about so much more. I read a lot about trauma, and I also have a problem trusting strangers. …

I ordered a box of Harlequin romance novels from the 90s and decided to read them all. Our first endeavor is One-Man Woman by Carole Mortimer.

The Cover

First, take a look at that cover. The people on this cover give the impression that the hero and heroine in the book are going to have a lot of fun chemistry. (Spoiler alert: they don’t.) Very 90s hot though. I like it.

The Blurb

Ellie was only interested in one-to-one relationships, so, as rakishly handsome as he was, Daniel Thackery wasn’t her kind of man. …

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Every once in a while, I like to delve into older stories. I’m not really listening to any true crime podcasts or watching any documentaries this week, so I thought I’d comb through some of the threads I saved from r/UnresolvedMysteries for future reading.

If you’re looking for some reading, these are a few interesting cases to delve into this weekend.

The Death of Mitrice Richardson

Mitrice Richardson disappeared following an arrest in Malibu linked to apparent psychosis. She was found dead nearly a year after she is said to have walked out of the police station. Some people believe the police were involved in…

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Working toward my master’s degree this semester, I took a course on the literature of the American Renaissance. My course covered the period of time between 1830 and the Civil War. I didn’t get my undergrad degree in literature, and I hadn’t read much from this period in over a decade.

I love a good course syllabus. As soon as I sign up for a class, I anticipate receiving the syllabus so I can optimistically look over the books I’m supposed to read. I usually hope I’ll read some of it before class starts for the semester . . …

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There was a time when I would tune in weekly to laugh at The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The first season of the show was so amazingly awful that I assumed it would be taken off the air within the first three episodes.

Clearly, that didn’t happen. This show aired for a surprising five seasons and 121 episodes between 2008 and 2013. I stand by my opinion that this might be the worst show I’ve ever seen, even though I stopped watching shortly after that girl killed her dad by having incredible sex.

I read some critical…


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