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Have you ever apologized for simply existing? For standing, walking, turning a corner? For making somebody consider you?

I have. All of the above.

Living alone for the first time in my life this year has given me a lot of time to think about my interactions with the world around me. I think about how comfortable I feel at home, how comfortable I feel in my own space. Not having to apologize for making a mess or not putting something away. Not having to make excuses for why I don’t feel like making dinner.

This is the first time…

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When I was in high school, afterschool specials came in the form of “very special” episodes of Degreassi: The Next Generation. I missed the true afterschool special era, but something has always drawn me to them. I love cheesy coverage of controversial social issues and relationships, the way adults try to appeal to children.

This special did not disappoint.

It Must Be Love (’Cause I Feel So Dumb!) follows a nerdy 13-year-old boy who develops a crush on a perpetually unimpressed cheerleader. …

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On June 18, 1603, Elizabeth Caldwell was hanged. She’d been convicted of murder after conspiring to murder her husband and instead killing a bystander. A 1604 murder pamphlet called A True Discourse of the Practices of Elizabeth Caldwell tells the story.

Like other murder pamphlets, this one is hyperbolic. It manipulates the reader, trying to impress upon us a vision of Elizabeth and those in her world.

Elizabeth, Young and Well-Born

Elizabeth was a young, beautiful woman from an affluent family. As the daughter of a gentry, Elizabeth was well-born and brought up with great care and attention.

At an early age, Elizabeth was…

This chapter is all about “developing a servant’s heart” and tells us that they will “never forget the girls in the cage.” They are referencing an orphanage in Central America “several of us Duggars” visited.

At the orphanage, Jana shared her testimony. She asked the kids there if they would go to heaven if they died that night. Most were unsure, probably because it’s a weird-ass question to ask a group of strangers. One girl, wearing a leather jacket and a sullen face, told them she was going to hell. …

The first sentence tells us that “God used a series of supernatural events to clearly lead our family into making a difference in the world of politics.”

You can certainly say that.

In 1997, the Duggars began their ill-fated journey into politics. They heard on the radio that there would be a rally at the Arkansas state capitol to ban partial-birth abortion. They were inspired, and god laid it on Jim Bob’s heart to run for office. He took a “candidate campaign class” and decided he could make a difference.

Jim Bob and co. were very dismayed to find the…

Get ready to learn more about the movies, music, and websites the Duggars love!

First, the Internet. “Mom reminds us that it is not a matter of if but when Satan will try to tempt us to read or look at something we shouldn’t” So, mom and “we older girls” have the passwords to all devices in the home. Boys can’t control themselves!

“Godly self-control helps you figure out what’s right,” according to the Duggars. An unfortunate picture of Josh and some other Duggar boys sitting at the computer follows. The girls say that Jim Bob often reminds them that…

Guys, marriage is a special gift from God. Jim Bob and Michelle are still deeply in love and committed after all this time, and they have a lot of advice.

The two keys to maintaining a marriage are being able to admit when you are wrong and asking for forgiveness. Also, they never go to bed angry, and they focus on having a God-centered marriage.

Since the Duggar girls don’t build relationships independently, we’re going to start this chapter about girls growing into adolescence with a story from a man. Jim Bob knew a girl who was boy-crazy when he…

According to the Duggar women, the best way to be a friend is to “point your friend to Jesus.” Sharing testimonies is a great to make friends and not annoy people.

Now, the girls don’t have compelling stories of their own, so they tell stories about their parents.

At 15, “Marie” was a thin and beautiful student. Everybody wanted to date her, but she was super insecure and had destructive thoughts and feelings. She never had “real” happiness. Marie became obsessed with being skinny. No more information necessary, apparently. She read the Bible and went to church. …

In case you didn’t know the entire foundation of the Duggar brand, “us girls” have a lot of siblings! And each one is totally different. Some are bookworms and some like animals, two traits that definitely lie on opposite ends of a spectrum and define an entire person’s personality.

In case you didn’t know, relationships with siblings can be pretty difficult. Once, Jill found out that somebody ate all her Jolly Ranchers and left behind the wrappers.

At this point, I really struggle to believe that the intended audience for this book is teenagers. Seriously, the best example of sibling…

This is the chapter where the Duggar daughters take turns taking a giant shit on their grandpa. You see, he didn’t have a spiritual focus, nor did he have the “right attitudes and responses.” He struggled financially, and once the family ha the utilities shut off. How ungodly it is to be poor! What a moral failing Seriously, if they’re trying to say he was not a nice man, they’re doing a bad job.

And of course, Grandma Duggar was an angel. It was because of her that Jim Bob grew into his glory.

On the other hand, Michelle’s dad…


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