How to Start Pole Dancing Without a Pole

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2 min readMay 3, 2022
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If you have been thinking about learning to pole dance, chances are that you don’t have access to a pole already. The good news is that even if you do not have a pole at home, you can start your journey before you ever even take your first lesson at a studio.

These are all the things I wish I would have worked on before I started my first pole dance lesson.

Strengthen Your Core

My first recommendation is to strengthen your core. My core was nowhere near as strong as I thought it was. Even when I didn’t have my pole available in my small studio apartment, I strengthened my core with planks and Pilates. Lifting weights safely is a great addition to your pole prep.

Improve Your Grip Strength

I also recommend getting some tools to improve your hand, wrist, and grip strength. You can get those grip strengtheners, or you can even use a stress ball and press it between your fingers.

Learn Some Floor Moves

You’re also going to want to learn some cool dance moves you can do on the floor. When you learn to spin on the pole, you also have to learn how to get up from the floor. Every instructor I’ve had has required us to get up from the floor with a dance move, and working on these moves at home will help you build confidence. You’ll find a lot of YouTube videos available to help you improve your floorwork and become more comfortable with the moves.

Build Your Flexibility

I highly recommend working on your flexibility, especially with the goal of working toward the splits. I still can’t do the splits, but I do stretch daily after my workouts. Pole is so much easier when you have some flexibility, but do not be deterred if you aren’t “there” just yet.

Work on Your Climbing Skills

Once you get to class and have access to a pole, you want to work on your climbing skills as often as you can. Climbing was one of the hardest first steps for me, but once I got it, it unlocked so many moves for me. Being able to get higher up on the pole was integral to learning so many moves.

Sign Up for a Pole Dance Class

Finally, just sign up for a pole class. Intro classes are always set up to teach the basics, and you will learn some skills before you buy a pole. Once you find a pole studio, you can also ask about open studio classes where you can visit the gym and practice any skills you want to work on.



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