I Asked ChatGPT To Write a Money Diary: $62,000 a Year in Augusta, Georgia

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4 min readNov 3, 2023
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We’re back for another installment of my new favorite thing to do with GPT-4. This time, I asked ChatGPT to write a Money Diary for a diarist from Augusta, Georgia. I also asked ChatGPT to be specific about local restaurants and activities. Here we go!

Location: Augusta, GA

Occupation: Data Analyst

Salary: $62,000/year

Paycheck (2x/month): $1,900 after taxes and benefits

Rent: $1,200 for a one-bedroom apartment downtown

I don’t think we’ve had a data analyst yet. It seems like every AI diarist has lived either downtown or on the beach so far.

DAY 1: Sunday

Morning: Woke up around 9am. Made coffee at home and grabbed the book I started last week, “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett. Got lost in it for an hour.

Lunch: Went out to The Bee’s Knees with my roommate, Sarah. Ordered the tempeh stir-fry and a local IPA. The atmosphere is always so chill and we spent some time chatting about Sarah’s disastrous date the night before.


Afternoon: Walked along the Augusta Canal, always calming. Later, went grocery shopping at Fresh Market. I might’ve gone a little overboard with all the specialty cheeses.


Night: Watched “Succession” on HBO. Oh, how I love the Roy family drama. Prepared dinner at home (pasta with veggies and aforementioned cheese) and FaceTimed my mom.

I’m now kind of curious about what happened during Sarah’s disastrous date. I am currently finishing Succession, so I can relate on that front. And a diarist who spends too much money on specialty cheeses? This might be my new best friend.

DAY 2: Monday

Morning: Started work at 8am. We had a team meeting about a new project. I spent the morning extracting some data for a client report.

Lunch: Took a break and went to New Moon Cafe. Got the veggie wrap and a caramel iced coffee.


Afternoon: More data cleaning and attended a workshop on Python programming. My boss thinks it’ll be a…



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