I Read ‘Growing Up Duggar’: Chapter 6 — Your Relationship With Culture

Get ready to learn more about the movies, music, and websites the Duggars love!

First, the Internet. “Mom reminds us that it is not a matter of if but when Satan will try to tempt us to read or look at something we shouldn’t” So, mom and “we older girls” have the passwords to all devices in the home. Boys can’t control themselves!

“Godly self-control helps you figure out what’s right,” according to the Duggars. An unfortunate picture of Josh and some other Duggar boys sitting at the computer follows. The girls say that Jim Bob often reminds them that one day they will be held accountable for everything have ever done in their lives. So yeah, Jesus is keeping a log of every nipple you’ve ever looked at online.

They also write about online flirtations, which are bad, as well as gossip. They say that chat rooms “might be better named bitter rooms.” Has anybody used a chat room since 2005?

Anyway, the ladies make fun of people nitpicking the lives of others. They try to pretend that everybody who has criticism is trying to make themselves better.

Jim Bob and Michelle were convicted not to have “broadcast television” in the home. (Again, four teenagers didn’t write this book.) They did get a TV at some point, and they were instantly addicted to it. The stopped talking to each other and “couldn’t believe how bad television had gotten in just one year” in 1985. So, they got rid of cable.

Now, the family is very selective about the movie selection. They only watch movies and TV shows in which they agree with everything that takes place on screen. No critical thinking allowed!

One specific thing not allowed? Magic. Guys, magic is no joke. “Magic, sorcery, witches, spell-casting, and the like are all part of a demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from,” they say. Also included in the ban list? Bad attitudes.

If you’ve wondered why I have trouble buying the idea that the family isn’t judgmental, it’s because they keep using phrases like “wrong ideas” and “wrong behaviors.”

So, you may be wondering what kinds of movies the Duggars are allowed to watch. Well, anything that involves Kirk Cameron. Sergeant York is apparently another family favorite. And I’d be remiss not to mention the “carefully selected episodes of The Andy Griffith Show,” as long they don’t contain romance or deception, of course.

Listening to music requires “prayerful consideration.” They always look at the lyrics before they decide if a song can be played, and no complexities are allowed. Even something that sounds totally innocent could be the devil in disguise!

They give an example of a song lyric they might hear: “Follow your heart.” Now, they know that the Bible tells us that “the heart is deceitful above all things.” So, they know they should not follow their heart. You must lead your heart elsewhere. Therefore, this is a naughty song.

The group points to rock music as the most dangerous kind of music, especially hard rock and heavy metal — even those there are plenty of songs in these genres that are not “wrong.” They write, “Since its beginnings in the 1950s, this music’s main goal and purpose have been to promote every one of the issues we want to avoid.” They don’t like the “heavy backbeat” and “words sung in a breathy and sensual voice.” Apparently it’s not enough to cover tits and ass, but you also need to mask your breathy voice to avoid the Nike filter.

The Duggar girls claim they have “examined” the lives of rock artists to see the outcome of hard living: AIDS, drug abuse, and suicide. Psst, Duggars, you could also find those things all over the United States, and they don’t make a person less worthy of your compassion.

It just so happens that the Duggar girls have discovered that classical music, bluegrass, gospel, and traditional hymns are perfectly suited for them. Every single member of the family just happens to love the same genres! Amazing.

They also end the chapter with a final note. These girls don’t walk around listening to music on earbuds. Retracting into a private world is bad! Privacy is bad! Everything must be shared — even personalities.

Up next: Chapter 7

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