I Read ‘Growing Up Duggar’: Chapter 7 — Your Relationship With Your Country

The first sentence tells us that “God used a series of supernatural events to clearly lead our family into making a difference in the world of politics.”

You can certainly say that.

In 1997, the Duggars began their ill-fated journey into politics. They heard on the radio that there would be a rally at the Arkansas state capitol to ban partial-birth abortion. They were inspired, and god laid it on Jim Bob’s heart to run for office. He took a “candidate campaign class” and decided he could make a difference.

Jim Bob and co. were very dismayed to find the Democrat opponent was endorsed by local newspapers and that Jim Bob had little experience, education, or even community service to speak of. One person even told him to get a vasectomy, and somebody at their “hometown restaurant” said Jim Bob was going to lose.

Anyway, Jim Bob won an election. They rented a house near Little Rock when he needed to work. He got a second term before losing a U.S. Senate election. He also wears this comically sized suit.

Since the family couldn’t make it in politics, they turned to TV. They give us some advice to make a political difference. First, they obviously recommend registering to vote. Second, “find a conservative Christian who is running for office and then call and ask them where he or she stands on the issues.” They also make it clear that everybody in the family votes based on a single issue: abortion.

They also recommend that you volunteer to work with the campaign and then pray. The family tells us that they were once canvassing on Halloween, but since they don’t celebrate the holiday, they didn’t realize it. Way to be in touch with your constituents.

Then, the book turns into a weird shill for Rick Santorum. I guess they thought he was really going places at the time. They were very upset that people showed up at his events to “cause disruptions” with glitter bombs. One writes, “I’m not sure what the glitter bombers’ goal was” but I googled it and found the answer in 20 seconds, Jill.

This book was also written when Josh still had blossoming political aspirations, which is disturbing. Since this book was published, Jed has also lost a state election.

Finally, chapter 8.

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