Let’s Talk About the Duggar Family’s Food Choices

Photo credit: Jim Bob Duggar via Wikimedia Commons

I am certainly not the first to notice that the Duggar family has disgusting eating habits, but I feel like we can really dive into this strange phenomenon. I’ve eaten some garbage in my day, but some of the food this family eats is downright repulsive.

We have all heard of tater tot casserole, but I want to go deeper.

First Things First: Feeding 19 Kids Is Expensive

Look, I totally get that you can’t feed 21 people cheaply, no matter what you are feeding them. But for a family so intent on “traditional” values, they sure do rely on eating processed crap that makes it hard to call anything they cook “homemade.”

I also get that the TLC money wasn’t rolling in when this family had children 1 through 15. But now, these people own planes and properties. And I’m not seeing any real changes based on social media, the TV show, and the family’s Youtube videos.

I also see a lot of comments defending the garbage these people eat saying, “I’m sure they don’t eat like this every day.” Again, all evidence points to the idea that these people eat like this most days. Every other episode and Youtube video features one of the family members laughing at how poorly they cook and being afraid they’re going to ruin a simple recipe. Take a look at the family member’s blogs, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos.

And I’m sure these people toss in a side salad every once in a while. But let’s be clear: these people are obsessed with potato-based casseroles, Veg-All, and boxed meals.

Other First Things First: This Family Is Very Troublesome

I also would be remiss to ignore the many, many problems with this family. These people have some extremely harmful and dangerous views, and they easily mask them with charisma and smiles. I just wanted to acknowledge that before I go hard on something really mundane.

Really, the food they eat should be the least of my concerns, but some of these monstrosities are so disturbing that I cannot look away.

And the family seems so proud of these meals! I think that’s the thing that gets me most.

I Don’t Trust Their Cleanliness

Apparently, cleanliness is next to godliness . . . but not in this family. There are constantly children sitting their asses on counters. I also don’t trust this family to ensure that all those little kids are washing their hands before they touch the family’s food.

Next, we need to talk about the hair. These ladies have long, beautiful hair. And it is always hanging over bowls and casserole dishes. Fun fact: Each member of the Duggar family consumes more hair each year than the average house cat will in its entire life.

Tater Tot Casserole

I want to get the infamous tater tot casserole out of the way. I found this recipe (and several others) thanks to r/DuggarSnark.

Ingredients: 2 pounds ground turkey (cooked), 6 pounds frozen tater tots, 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 2 cans of evaporated milk, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup. Obviously, use less if you are feeding fewer than 21 people.

Directions: Toss the meat and then the tots in a casserole dish. Dump the cans on top. Bake for an hour at 350 degrees. Pretty simple.

Does anybody else read this and just feel bad for any member of the family who is lactose intolerant? It sounds like a lot of dairy, and there is not a single vegetable or dash of seasoning in sight.

In an episode of Counting On, the adult children do admit that they got sick of tater tot casserole and stopped eating it for a while. Alas, when the Duggar family website was down, they actually got emails from people freaking out because they apparently needed the recipe.

In a clip from that episode, the child I think is named Joseph sums up the only appropriate attitude one can have when they eat this stuff regularly, “As long as it’s food, it’s good.”

Quick-and-Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole

Are any of their recipes not “quick-and-easy”?

Anyway, this is going to be quick because the recipe only calls for 2 cups of butter, evaporated milk, mushroom soup, canned peas, canned tuna, and TEN BOXES OF MACARONI AND CHEESE.

The Cucumber & Pickle Obsession

Next, I want to get into the family’s obsession with pickles.

In this video, Cucumber Salad, the Duggar Way, you will not actually see anybody make cucumber salad. You will see Jana slice a cucumber and cover it with vinegar and salt. Then, you will watch the Duggar men compete to see who can peel a cucumber the fastest. It’s weird.

My favorite moment of this video is when one of the guys suggests that some people might enjoy their pickles with malt vinegar. Everybody quickly says, “Nobody in our family likes malt vinegar.” And then he quietly says what sounds like, “Well, I’ve heard of malt vinegar.”

There are several other pickle-related videos available, including one that is really just a segment about Joy trying to figure out how to get peppercorns out of a container.

The child named Jason apparently has his own pickle recipe as well. The spices are optional, guys.

There’s another video of some of the younger boys milking cucumbers, but I’m now way too deep into the pickle content and I need to get out.

Frito Pie

Frito Pie consists of 12 cans of chili beans, 2 bags of Fritos, sour cream, and a ton of cheddar cheese. The Duggar family apparently describes this dish as “a good meal for moving day” because it “can be eaten on paper plates.”

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Ingredients: canned chicken, Veg-All, cream of chicken soup, and pre-made pie crust. Not a spice or fresh ingredient in sight, which pairs well with the description, “A great way to get the veggies down!”

Maybe it would be easier to “get the veggies down” if you were serving food that wasn’t best described as edible?

Nightmare Chickennetti

Of all these recipes, it is the chickennetti that haunts me. Anna made it on an episode of the show, and it was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

Ingredients: spaghetti, chicken, 2 pounds of Velveeta, evaporated milk, cream of chicken soup, Worcestershire sauce, and canned mushrooms (optional). I believe Anna used Rotel, which also disturbed me. I also want to point out that the recipe calls for two pounds of Velveeta and two pounds of pasta, but only two cups of chicken. Doesn’t that seem off?

The Duggar Family fan blog generously added 1/4 cup of bell pepper when they posted the recipe (which is not enough bell pepper). That comment section is a doozy.

Breakfast Casserole

This is yet another casserole involving tater tots, and it looks dry as heck.

Ingredients: tater tots, butter, milk, cheddar, and an oh-so-generous 1/4 teaspoon of Valentina. Don’t worry, you can “serve with hot sauce if you like a little more spice.” MORE spice?

Barbecue Tuna

Jim Bob says about this dish, “It doesn’t taste fish at all . . . It’s the best ever.” I’ll take his word for it that this dish tastes like “gourmet barbecue.” It is literally just canned tuna and barbecue sauce.

Poor Man’s Pizza

This “pizza” pairs well with Veggie Tales, apparently. All you need are 20 slices of bread or 20 tortillas, a jar of pasta sauce, and 4 cups of cheese. Pour sauce and spread cheese over your base and throw it in the oven.

Alfredo Sauce

In the following video, you will see Jessa melt a stick of butter into a quart of heavy whipping cream. She then adds two cups of non-descript cheese (and not a pinch of garlic).

Then, Jana and Jessa say, “You can add different spices,” while struggling to name one. Seriously, this lasts like 20 seconds.

Their serving suggestions? Parsley, salt, pepper, and chicken. Pour it over the noodles and let it sit for 10 minutes.


Michelle’s Weight Loss Soy Burgers

In another video, Michelle shared her secret to weight loss after pregnancy: soy burgers on English muffins. She describes it as a “high-protein snack.”

Jill’s Easy Pan Fried Burritos

This is apparently one of Jill’s favorite recipes. Jac said it best in the comments with, “That’s a quesadilla, not a burrito.”

Jessa’s Beef and Potato Bake

In this video, Jessa makes a super dry and unseasoned dish. Of course, I have trouble focusing on the quality of the dish because that knife work is terrifying. Get this woman a sharper knife!

Duggar Food Manners

I can’t not talk about the way the Duggars act when they dine in public and visit new places.

For example, the family takes pride in its ability to homeschool all of its children, and yet so many of these kids lack critical thinking skills. One adult did not want to eat a restaurant in England because she thought “toad in the hole” was a frog-based dish. And then, Grandma Duggar literally packed cans of tuna in her suitcase because she was afraid England would not have food.

The most egregious example of poor food manners I’ve seen occurred in Japan. This one is for all those people who continue to love the Duggars because they think the Duggar kids are the paradigm of politeness and great behavior.

First, they all act super surprised that the food in Japan is different from the Japanese food they eat in Arkansas. I felt so bad for sweet little Jordyn and her sophisticated palate. She was so into the food, meanwhile all the little boys were eating packaged crackers and cheese they sneaked in. It was super disrespectful, but also not surprising after seeing patriarch Jim Bob use his chopsticks to stab his food.

They also make these super rude faces. The kids who I think are James and Jason particularly bugged me.

How Are These People Homemakers?

By all accounts, the Duggar family is extremely conservative. Once the women are married, they are expected to have as many children as possible and stay home with them. How is it that these women trained their entire lives to become homemakers, and yet they cannot cook worth a damn?

Finally, I want to say that I could not have written this article without the use of r/DuggarSnark as a reference. Reading food-related posts there has jogged my memory about this show and so many other things I wish I could forget.

Just a West Coast girl passionate about my hungry guys.

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