Murder in Gilbert: Who Killed Nick Cordova?

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3 min readJul 19, 2020
Silent Witness

A man was murdered inside his Gilbert, Arizona, business while video chatting with his children. Weeks after his murder, Gilbert police asked for help identifying one of two suspects.

The Murder of Nick Cordova

Nicholas Cordova, 40, was found deceased inside Gilbert Air, Heating, and Cooling at about 5:30 p.m. on May 27, 2020. Cordova and a silent partner owned the business near the corner of Guadalupe and Cooper Roads.

Nick’s wife, Alysha Cordova, was at their Scottsdale home with their children, 5 and 7, at the time. In fact, the children were chatting with their dad on the phone when one of the children told Alysha that something was wrong. Apparently, she could hear a scuffle but could not see anything.

After calling for police, Alysha got into her vehicle and drove to the business. Upon arriving, she learned that her husband was already dead.

Sparse Information

This case is local to me. I heard rumor of a homicide on Guadalupe Road, but it was not for another two weeks that anything seemed to hit the news. The first story available to the public came in the form of a GoFundMe by Alysha. The murder was not publicized until Gilbert police reported that it had two suspects in mind.

To date, police have not released Nick’s cause of death.

Two Suspects

Right now, police are looking for two suspects who arrived at the gas station near Nick’s business in the minutes after the murder. No specifics about why these men are suspects has emerged, and only photos of one individual have been released.

Gilbert police are urging the public to watch this video and report any information they may have about this individual. He appears to be 5'8" with a heavy build. He is reported as being either Hispanic or Native American.

Alysha Speaks

Alysha spoke with a YouTuber named Tyson Draper. In fact, this video has been the best source of new information about the case so far, and it pieces together the details of the case currently available. I recommend watching it.



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