People of the Salem Witch Trials: Elizabeth Booth

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Elizabeth Booth was one of the young accusers during the Salem Witch Trials. At 18 years old, Elizabeth made accusations against at least 10 people, many of whom were executed. What makes her story so interesting is that she had also been accused of being a witch a couple of years earlier.

The Early Life of Elizabeth Booth

In 1674, Elizabeth was born. She and her 10 siblings grew up in Salem Village, though her father died when she was 8 years old. Several years after Elizabeth’s mother remarried, her step-father also died.

While I am not able to find much information about it, Elizabeth Booth was accused of being a witch when she was 16 years old. Some of the sources I found suggest that the accusations may have been linked to her step-father’s death, but few details are available.

Elizabeth Booth’s Witch Accusations

In February of 1692, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams launched their allegations against several members of the Salem Village community. Elizabeth Booth, now 18, also joined in on the accusations. Her mother and sister, both seemingly named Alice, also supported the claims.

Most of Elizabeth’s accusations were focused on members of the Proctor family, but she also accused Giles and Martha Corey, Job Tookey, and Wilmont Redd.

Personally, I find the accusations against the Proctors to be the most interesting. Elizabeth accused John and Elizabeth Proctor of murdering several people, and she also looped their daughter, Sarah, in. According to Elizabeth, the ghosts of the murdered parties came to her to reveal the Proctor’s evil deeds she could stop their murder spree from continuing. Ghosts told Elizabeth that the couple killed a woman named Elizabeth Shaw because she didn’t see a doctor they recommended. Another woman said that Elizabeth Proctor killed her because she would not give the family apples. One source suggests that Elizabeth Booth’s step-father may have been among their alleged victims.

The Fallout of Elizabeth Booth’s Accusations

At least five of the people Elizabeth Booth lobbed accusations at were executed as a result of her testimony…



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