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4 min readJun 23, 2021
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National parks are a road trip tradition in the United States. Each year, families pile into vehicles to look at some of the most beautiful landscapes nature has to offer.

And yet, the parks cannot please everybody. These are some of the people who left national parks unhappy with nature’s glory . . . and other things.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is my favorite park personally, but that doesn’t mean it appeals to everybody. It certainly didn’t appeal to these Yelpers, who found the toilet situation to be less than stellar. I have to agree that the bathrooms on trails are pretty raunchy, but is one star for the whole park appropriate if you didn’t spend all your time inside the bathroom?

This Yelper doesn’t want to commit “scarlilidge” by shitting all over the poor quality of the dirt and the lack of flowers — two factors that impact the park experience for everybody. Especially when there are so many ugly lone pines to distract you from the majestic geysers.

Once you go to Yosemite, everything else is worthy of two stars AT THE MOST. Grand Prismatic Spring? Meh. Old Faithful? Yawn. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone? Give me a break. Sure, those things are okay, but they are *not a fault* at best.

Death Valley National Park

If there is one thing I know about Death Valley National Park, it’s that the desert is extremely hot. Some people apparently didn’t know this.

First, we have this Yelper who is frustrated the park isn’t full of desalinated water to cool down the state of California.

This reviewer also did no research before driving to the desert with a bunch of kids.

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