Recap: ‘16 & Pregnant: Ashley’

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10 min readMay 17, 2020

From Amazon:

With no baby daddy, and with her family pushing for adoption, Ashley realizes that she can’t let go and hopes that her aunt and uncle will adopt the baby. But she soon realizes that she’s not sure she can live with her decision.

By the way, the girl in the thumbnail for this episode is not Ashley. In fact, I later realized they used an image of an adoption social worker who talks to her. Amazon, get your shit together.

Ashley is a teenager from McKinney, Texas. She lives with her mom and little sister but has big plans to go to college in New York so she can become a photojournalist. She likes to blog. Ashley’s boyfriend, Justin, broke up with her recently, and that’s a problem because . . . she’s pregnant. An emo song plays.

16 & Pregnant | MTV

19 Weeks Pregnant — August

Ashley and her family live in what appears to be a very nice house. She is almost five months pregnant and is having a girl due on Christmas Day. She says that she has now been pregnant longer than she and Justin were even together.

We also learn that Ashley’s mom (who I don’t think we ever get a name for?) is one of those breakfast pushers. Her mom says she knew Ashley was pregnant because she was suddenly having nervous breakdowns. Her mom asked Ashley to consider abortion and adoption, and she started to panic when Ashley said she wanted to keep the baby.

At an ice cream shop, Ashley talks to her friend Shelley. We learn that Justin graduated last year and slept all the time. Ashley also says that they only had sex once and she didn’t use a condom because it was a “spur of the moment” thing.

Ashley goes to a community college to speak with Justin. Apparently his mom kicked him out for getting Ashley pregnant and he sleeps in a friend’s car. They talk about their options.

16 & Pregnant | MTV

Justin says he would have something to do with the baby if he had money. He says he might join the military to get his life “back on track.”

Back at home, Ashley writes on her blog, which is creatively titled The Life of Ashley



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