The Best Episodes of ‘Six Feet Under’ (According to Somebody With a ‘Six Feet Under’ Tattoo)

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5 min readJul 4, 2021
Photo by michal dziekonski on Unsplash

If somebody asked me which TV show had the biggest impact on me, it would have to be Six Feet Under. This show caught me at a time when I really needed guidance in life.

Trying to figure out my favorite episodes of Six Feet Under is much more difficult than trying to describe my favorite moments. If somebody forced me to come up with a list, this is pretty much it.

Spoiler warning. This is your last chance to turn away.

#15: Everyone Leaves (Season 3, Episode 10)

This is the episode where Lisa disappears, which makes it great. I mean, not only because I dislike Lisa, but because of what it allowed for the story. I also appreciate Keith’s story in this ep, though the Ruth/Arthur situation makes me uncomfortable.

#14: That’s My Dog (Season 4, Episode 5)

This is the best episode on this list that I would be fine to never watch again. Seriously. This episode is so disturbing that I occasionally skip it when I rewatch the series.

If you don’t remember this episode, it’s the one where David picks up a hitchhiker in the van and then is kidnapped, forced to smoke crack, and is nearly…