V.C. Andrews’s “Landry” Series Is Coming to Lifetime

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2 min readFeb 5, 2020
Falkenstern, Lisa. Ruby, V. C. Andrews, Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster USA), 1994, stepback cover.

In 2018, I wrote an article about all the WTF things that happen in V.C. Andrews’s Landry series. This week, I read that Lifetime is finally turning the series into a set of movies.

Soap opera star Lauralee Bell is set to appear as Daphne. I have to say that she’s not necessarily what I envisioned while reading the book, but I can see why this casting works.

Raechelle Banno will star as Ruby, and twin Karina Banno will play Giselle. I think they both have the right look for the movie so far.

It also looks all five books in the series are slated to become movies.

By the way, they’ve been trying to turn this series into a film since 1996. CBS was the first to try to take on the project, but they scrapped it within two years. CBS tried again in 2002, and then…